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Countertops are a key part of your kitchen remodeling, and you may find it difficult to select just the right one for your home. To help make your decision easier we will explain some of the good and bad points of the best selling materials.

Granite Countertops

With its stunning mottling and the range of natural colors and patterns that make each piece one of a kind, this is a winner for countless homeowners. For such a gorgeous surface, granite can endure more abuse than other materials. Unfortunately granite can stain if it is not sealed regularly, and because of its a very heavy surface, your cabinetry may have trouble supporting its weight after a while.

Marble Countertops

Nothing looks more glamorous than marble, so it’s a guaranteed winner if you are in the market for elegance. It also stays cool, so it’s great for baking and pastry stations. The disadvantage is that even with the proper sealing it can stain easily. This is among the list of reasons that it is only advisable for smaller surfaces. It can also chip and scratch.

Glass Countertops

Besides the fact that glass has a very modern appearance, one of its principal selling points is the numerous color options you have to pick from. It also has the benefit of being able to be cut into any shape you want. It is naturally resistant to stains, and quite easy to clean. This nonporous material is also extremely hygienic. The downside is that it happens to be a bit on the expensive side. It is very durable, so long as you do not exert extreme pressure on it. Unfortunately in most cases repair is not an option for glass countertops, so they must be treated more delicately than other materials.

Cambria Countertops Falls Church VA
Concrete Countertops Falls Church VA
Concrete Countertops Falls Church VA

Cambria Countertops

Integrating binding resins and quartz, cambria delivers a attractive, durable and safe option for your countertops. It is easy to maintain, sanitary, resistant to scratches and scorch and stain-proof. While it is a bit costly when comparing it to other materials it makes up for it in the fact that you will not have to spend money in the long run for repairs or other maintenance.

Soapstone Countertops

This one provides subtle beauty – a cooler option to granite or marble. Soapstone begins as a lighter gray color, but tends to become darker over time. It seems to fit the style of older homes because of its natural softness. The fact is that, it does require a bit more maintenance than other materials. Cracking can also be an issue given enough time. It is also more vulnerable to nicks and scratches when compared to other stone types, and its natural roughness may spell trouble for your china or scuff glassware.

Concrete Countertops

You may believe it’s just for flooring, but concrete actually adds interest to an otherwise vintage space. Homeowners are generally attracted to its versatility, in that you can create any shape you need. There are also numerous color options to choose from to match your home’s furnishings. It stands up well to heavy use, at the same time it may come up short of other surfaces when it comes to heat resistance. Concrete is porous, so it is vulnerable to stains if not sealed regularly, and with time, small cracks could develop. One other issue is its weight. You have to make sure that your cabinets or whatever you plan to have underneath a concrete countertop can support it.

Corian Countertops

Corian started off as a brand name that sold surface countertops, and for one reason or another the name just stuck. With its growing popularity there are many different manufacturers producing it these days. It is nonporous and therefore requires minimal maintenance – this basically means, no sealing or special cleaning. One downside is that it can scratch, but sanding those scratches out is a rather straightforward procedure. Because of its seamless design there are no cracks for dirt and debris to get stuck in. Corian is produced in many colors and patterns which makes it much less difficult for you to find the right mix for your home.

Falls Church Countertops


A cozy natural material, wood is an fantastic chopping surface and is easy on glassware and china. It can withstand heat very well as long as its not excessive and it is remarkably simple to clean. Keeping that in mind, you do need to limit its exposure to moisture and it can cause the color to darken. You’ll want to guard against scorching and scratching, and ensure that that people use coasters for their glasses.

Butcher Block

Providing the ultimate classic appeal, butcher block always looks fresh, which makes it great for cottage-style and more traditional kitchens. It has a cozy inviting appearance and is available in assorted wood shades. As the name implies, it will build up a shopworn look over time. Even though it is susceptible to scratches, you can easily remove them with a bit of sandpaper. Similar to more traditional wood countertops, you have to exercise caution with how much moisture a butcher block is subjected to. Like wooden serving utensils it is susceptible to bacteria and should be disinfected regularly.


For the budget conscious homeowner laminate countertops offer an affordable, low maintenance option. Although it has not always had a reputation for being stylish, this is changing as modern styles simulate stone and other pricier surfaces. On the other hand, it is subject to scratching, burns and sometimes staining, and over time, the layers could start to peel. Due to its composition it cannot be used in conjunction with an undermount sink, and the fact is that if damaged your repair options are minimal.

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